DARTS: Rugby Superleague team

Matches against Long Itchington and Red Lion, Shirley

Rugby Superleague darts team won the local derby away against Long Itchington 7-1, ensuring Rugby continues with a winning start to the new season.

Rugby took the first game of the match, with Hemal Tailor (22.39 avg) beating Dave Gerrard (21.15 avg), Hemal taking early two leg lead checking out with 105, on his first appearance of the season, but Dave fought back taking the third leg in 21 darts, although Hemal was able to secure the game with game shot in 22 darts, despite 5 missed darts at the winning double.

Prakash Jiwa beat Steve Sunderland (18.49 avg) 3.0 to take the second game of the night, although Prakash will be disappointed with his 23.86 average, despite a third leg completed in only 16 darts.

Martin Bowley took on the Long Itchington Captain, Simon Power, who has just been selected for the Warwickshire County side, although established County player Martin secured a 3.1 win.

Bowley took an early two leg lead, Power took third leg in 21 darts, but Bowley was able to show his composure taking the fourth leg in only 16 darts with checkout of 136, which was the highest checkout of the evening.

Dave Atkins used all 5 legs to beat Jonathan Wigley (21.39 avg), who took advantage of a slow start by Atkins, taking the first two legs in only 21 and 19 darts. Atkins was able to take the next three legs in 23, 18 and 21 darts to finish with an average of 22.68.

Wigley will be disappointed with the outcome, with missed doubles in leg three costing him victory, but is no doubt a young player with great potential.

Matt Edgar took Rugby’s ‘Man of the match; for the second game in succession, hitting 6 x 100’s and 1 x 180 with an impressive 26.84 average beating his good friend Jeff Fariss 3.0, using only 19, 16 and 21 darts. Matt was able to complete each leg using only one dart at the double, which helped him to secure a big winning average.

Luke Kennedy will be pushing for County selection with another excellent superleague performance winning 3.0 against Andy Beck (20.16 avg). Luke hit game shot using only 20, 20 and 17 darts securing an average of 26.37, only a single missed dart at double 8 in the final leg cost him the ‘man of the match’ award.

The penultimate game saw Dan Wills take victory in four legs, with a winning average of 22.18, against Adam Heath (20.05 avg), Dan missing Bulls-eye in leg one for a 164 finish. Leg 2 saw Heath level the score, but Dan took leg 3 in 17 darts before a scrappy fourth leg saw Wills take the win. Missed doubles costing both players a better average in the end.

The final game of the evening resulted in a rare defeat for Carl Green, who will be disappointed with his 20.40 average. His opponent Steve Ward played well taking the tie 3.1 with a 23.19 average.

Final result Long Itchington 1 - Rugby 7


Rugby Superleague Darts team continued on their quest for league success last week travelling to Red Lion, Shirley, Birmingham and securing a convincing 7.1 win.

The opening game saw Rugby’s Matt Edgar take the match 3.0 with a ‘man of the match’ performing average of 28.90, defeating Kevin Mason who played well with a 27.33 avg, but was given no second chances by Edgar who was back to his winning best with legs of 16, 17 and 19 darts.

Carl Green kept up his winning form in game 2, with a convincing 3.1 victory over Dave Hesketh, securing an average of 26.86, which included 7 x 100’s and 1 x 180.

A nervous 1st leg saw Green go behind, but his form held with victory in the subsequent legs using only 14, 18 and 18 darts, taking the final leg with the highest checkout of the night with 120.

Dan Wills took Rugby further into the lead, against an experienced Superleague opponent in Steve Harding, winning 3.1 with a winning average of 21.20, using 26, 16 and 26 darts in his winning legs.

New Rugby signing Dave Atkins 20.88 avg, took a scrappy 3.0 victory against experienced Warwickshire County campaigner Mick Gorst 19.79 avg, but both players will want to forget their performances on this occasion, and will seek to return to their usual scoring form next time.

Luke Kennedy 22.11 avg, continued his excellent superleague form with a 3.1 victory over Craig Johnson 18.36 avg, Luke hitting 10 x 100’s, although his average was affected due to 15 missed darts at doubles in the first leg.

A 64 finish allowed Johnson to level the leg score 1.1, but Kennedy was able to confidently secure the game taking the next legs in only 16 and 19 darts, this continued good form will ensure some attention from County selectors.

Prakash Jiwa continued with his impressive form, beating Steve Sidwell 3.0, with an average of 27.33, hitting 7 x 100’s and 2 x 180’s, he secured all three legs using only 21, 18 and 16 darts.

5 missed doubles in leg 1 were responsible for costing Jiwa ‘man of the match’ for the second game running.

Ricky Reed played Superleague regular Mark Gwalchmai, in what turned out to be a close run match, with Gwalchmai winning 3.2. Reed 22.36 avg, who had the added responsibility of being Captain for the night, took the first leg in 21 darts, but found himself level after only 17 darts from Gwalchmai, who then took the lead by winning a scrappy 3rd leg.

Reed was level after leg 4 using only 18 darts, but was beaten to the victory in leg 5 as Gwalchmai 22.83 avg finished on double 8.

The final game saw Martin Bowley 25.10 avg, back to good form, take an early 2.0 lead with legs of 20 and 16 darts, against a spirited opponent in Paul Higgins 21.76 avg, who took a scrappy third leg in 27 darts.

However Martin was then able to take the fourth leg in 17 darts with a 180 maximum to ensure Rugby were convincing winners on the night.