DARTS: Top players sign up for new elite league in Rugby

Becky Niner, Prakash Jiwa, Matty Edgar and Wayne Niner
Becky Niner, Prakash Jiwa, Matty Edgar and Wayne Niner

First games in June at The Bear in Bilton

A darts-mad husband and wife team, who run BW9 sports management company, are launching a new darts league in Rugby, giving locals the chance to watch some of the sport’s elite players in regular pub matches.

Wayne and Becky Niner have joined forces with Rugby LVA Darts Secretary Mick Mulvihill to form a new elite darts’ league, giving good players the chance to compete against each other and get match practice. A challenge league will also run simultaneously giving average players the chance to compete too.

It starts in June at The Bear in Bilton with the tournament run on a round robin basis. Prize money will be up for grabs with both leagues culminating in finals in mid-July.

Already big names including Rugby’s Kevin Painter and Luke Kennedy and Kettering players James Richardson and Ricky Evans have signed up for the league, together with Leamington’s Nigel Heydon and Birmingham’s Mark Jones.

Having launched their company last year, Wayne and Becky currently look after Rugby’s Prakash Jiwa and Daventry-based Matty Edgar, a hot property on the PDC circuit. They follow the players around the UK organising everything for them from their finances to their tour bookings, hotels, transportation and prize money. Matty has recently qualified for the UK open at Minehead and Prakash has qualified for the Dutch Masters in June.

Wayne said: “The dream is to bring in more players especially the younger lads and we would love to see our two main players qualify for the World Championships.

“We want to build our own stable of top players. It’s early days yet but we are going the right way and because darts is also our hobby we are having lots of fun along the way.”