Rugby Sport for the Disabled
Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Archery and crossbow

Eight members from Rugby Sport for the Disabled won prizes of Christmas Puddings at the annual 18m ‘Pud Shoot’ and many won raffle prizes too. This festive event, which attracted over 30 competitors, was held at Wolverhampton.

Archers Peter Spiers and Luke Brewer expressed their delight to take part in their first competition and winning a Christmas pudding. Arbalist Malcolm Scott said: “I had a great shoot in the first half then my trigger jammed. Graeme kindly lent me his bow, as he was shooting in a different session, to complete the competition.” Iris was delighted with her score despite a painful thumb, following a fall, which turned out to be fractured. Look out everyone, it was Mick’s first shoot and he means business!

The archers shot at a 60cm target and the crossbow shooters at a 40cm target. To score a ring ten, it had to be completely inside the 10 ring.

The results out of 600 were:

Archery: Kevin Rumble 317; Luke Brewer 277; Peter Spiers 205; Michael Aldous 121.

Assisted Tournament Crossbow:

Iris Bingham: 600 with 56 ring tens

Assisted Sporting Gents Crossbow:

Mick Watters: 574 with 21 ring tens.

Malcolm Scott: 572 with 33 ring tens.

Graeme Mooney: 561 with 12 ring tens.

RSDA meets most Saturday mornings at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre. Apart from the shooting, there are many sports for disabled people including swimming, table tennis, new age kurling, boccia, short mat bowls, board games, darts, pool, Othello, bagatelle and dominoes. In January we hope to hold our annual Superstars event. We are always in need of helpers too.

RSDA members wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.