Duathlon delight

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Rugby Junior Triathlon Club

Eleven Rugby Junior triathletes took part in two races - the Worcester Children’s Duathlon at the University of Worcester and more locally in the Leicester Junior Flashman Triathlon.

Results for the Worcester Duathlon were:

Tri Start (8 years): Ella-Mae Fereday, 1st Female, 08:40.

Tri Star 1 (9/10 years): Skip Snelson, 1st Male, 13:00.

Tri Star 2 (11/12 years): Alex Harper 8th Male 20:43; Aidan Tombs 14th Male 22:40.

Tri Star 3 (13/14 years): Harry Machin 7th Male 24:08, Katie Clements 8th Female 24:04.

Leicester Junior Flashman were:

Tri Star 1 (9/10 years): Nicole Smith 35th Female 21:56; Cara McQuillan 49th Female 24:36; Grace Marston 53rd Female 27:09.

Tri Star 2 (11/12 years): Chandra Singh 55th Female 40:02.

Tri Star 3 (13/14 years): Surajan Singh 44th Male 43:41

(Pictured at the Worcester Duathlon, from left) Skip Snelson, Alex Harper, Harry Machin, Aidan Tombs, Katie Clements and Ella-Mae Fereday