European Mounted Games crown for Rhea and England


RHEA McCulloch’s dream of winning gold for England has come true.

The 11-year-old from Woolscott was a member of the winning team at the European Championships in None, Italy.

Competing in the mounted games, Rhea was one of the six best riders in the country who joined forces to hold off the challenge of Italy, France and Wales to be crowned the Under 12 European Champions.

In the extreme Italian heat, Rhea and her team mates held their nerve, riding out of their skins with the crowds roaring, music blasting, flying and the commentator’s excitement growing louder and louder!

With tension rising over the last few races, England pulled off an amazing win.

Over the course of the championships lifelong friendships have been formed and in the true mounted games tradition, all the children swapped shirts, Rhea swapping with a rider from France.

n This weekend Rhea will be in action in a mounted games friendly at Dallas Burston polo grounds at Southam. Anyone interested is welcome to go along and support Rhea and her Leicestershire Minis County team as they try and defend this year’s unbeaten record.

Having just left Dunchurch Junior School, Rhea will be starting at Southam School next month.