Exciting match with East Park

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Bretford cycle speedway hosted a meeting against East Park Wolves on Saturday, which was very entertaining.

The First heat Saw the Wolves get a heat advantage Mason Phillips and Dan Price who was put wide by a Wolves rider, 6-4 to Wolves.

The second race set the tone of the rest of the meeting with Lee Kemp of Bretford coming off gate 2 and Jamie Whetton (East Park) top man coming off grid 1.

Lee gated over Jamie into the first bend only for Jamie Whetton to get inside of Lee on the third bend.

Then he left no room for Lee to race and put Lee into the fence. The ref didn’t see it that way and said it was a tight circuit and this is what was expected.

This heat went East Park’s Way again 6-4.

The third heat was drawn. The manager spoke with Mason Phillios and Jason Ryan Dunn, explaining a pull back of points was required, which they obliged with a 6-4 to Bretford.

The next five heats were drawn heats. Then it was half time with Bretford on 44 points and East Park on 46.

The team manager had a team talk, asking all the riders to pull together and race hard.

In Heat 10 the manager’s team talk must have done the trick as Jimmy Wassal and Jason Cleaver flew from the gate giving Bretford a 7-3 heat win.

Heat 11 Saw Lee Kemp take Will Cartwright from the Wolves team wide, allowing his partner Niall Cleaver to get under and Lee Sheilding around the track for another 7-3 heat win.

Dan Price and Mason Phillips from Bretford made sure this heat was drawn.

Will Cartwright from East Park won the race but Dan and Mason kept the other East Park rider at bay.

Heat 13 saw East Park take a 7-3 over Bretford with Matt Hambidge taking a fall trying to pass Jamie Whetton from Wolves.

East Park were not going to let Bretford win this match if they had anything to do with it.

Heat 14 and 15 went Bretford’s way with some great team racing. Scores Bretford 79 East Park 71 and three heats left .

Heat 16 saw Dan Price getting over the East Park rider, only to be run wide and unfortunately taking a last place 6-4 to East Park.

Heat 17 was drawn as Bretford knew all they had to do was keep the racing close.

Heat 18 East Park had their top pairing of Brandon Whetton and Will Cartwright against Niall and Jason Cleaver.

The East Park lads were too Strong for Bretford’s pairing however Niall chased all the way in case they were to slip up, 7-3 East Park.

Bretford won the meeting 91 to 89. The racing was very close. The next meeting at Bretford is Thursday, July 12, 7.15pm start. This will be against Leicester.