Family fun for tennis club

Family Mini Tennis Tournament

Rugby LTC held a family fun event at the Ken Marriott Leisure Centre. Fifty members took part in an indoor tennis event, which saw mothers, fathers, sons and daughters playing together in a mini red doubles format.

The winners of the five parent and child groups were Graeme and Rachel Baker (Group 1), Greg and James Irish (Group 2), Tracey and Molly Hillyard (Group 3), Paul and Ben Hillyard (Group 4) and Sue and Charlotte Eaton (Group 5).

The skilful youngsters definitely gave the parents a run for their money! For the second half of the evening everyone was randomly split into different pairs, according mainly to age and ability.

Winners were: Rachael Baker and Paul Hillyard (Group 1), Gemma Trodd and Tracey Hillyard (Group 2), Rod Mitchell and Debra Hargrave (Group 3), Harry Brignal and Zachary Wenham (Group 4) and Joseph Evans and Elizabeth Hargrave (Group 5). Congratulations to all the winners. Well done to everyone who participated!