FENCING: Commonwealth gold and silver for Viv

Viv Frith won gold in her age category for the third time
Viv Frith won gold in her age category for the third time
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Championships in Scotland contested by 19 countries

Star fencer Viv Frith won gold in the Commonwealth (Over 40) Fencing Championships in Scotland last week. Some 19 countries were represented in the event at Largs which saw Viv taking her individual age category title, finishing sixth overall and winning silver for Scotland in the open team event.

“Having a virus at the time made the individual event very gruelling, but, as fencers do, once on the piste there is only one thing on your mind,” she explained. “Happily I won through to the quarter finals to retain my Category Gold for the third time, having previously won it in 2009 and 2012.”

Viv only missed the intervening year, 2010, because the event was held in Australia and the date was too close to the World Championships, for which she had qualified, in Croatia.

“This year I also competed in the team event, winning comfortably against Australia, who were great competitors and who are now firm friends,” said Viv, who is grateful to her coach, Peter Rome, at the Salle Ursa Fencing Club. “I had beaten their no.1 fencer two years ago when the last Championships were held in Singapore.

“She has a brilliant parry riposte, which is her signature hit, which I successfully avoided until my last hit when she had given up expecting me to try to hit her to head and I took her by surprise by doing so. Choice words were said, followed by laughter from both teams!”

If anyone would like to try fencing, the Salle Ursa holds beginners courses at the start of each month. Full details are on the club’s website at www.salleursafencing.co.uk