FENCING: Search for future Olympians

Viv Frith
Viv Frith

Viv Frith dreams of inspiring a champion

Viv Frith, who, last month, won a Commonwealth Gold in her Category at Ladies Sabre and was fifth in the Vets World Fencing Championships held in Austria, finishing as the top-placed British fencer in her category, is looking to recruit anyone from the age of 8 upwards who would like to learn more about the sport of fencing.

She says “Fencing is a great sport and I have got such a lot out of it – which is why I became a voluntary coach. It’s fun and you get to meet all sorts of people. It is not easy, but is very rewarding and certainly keeps you fit.”

Viv’s main aim is to encourage youngsters into the sport and she runs classes after school at both Bilton and Avon Valley schools, for both primary pupils and seniors. She adds, “Once parents realise they can also have a go, we have the Salle Ursa Fencing Club on Thursday nights at Harris School from 7.30 to 9.30pm, but which is also open to all ages, so all the family can fence together. Just as an example, my husband took up fencing just over a year ago at the ripe old age of 72 and loves it.”

She has vacancies at both schools, which are on Monday from 3pm at Bilton School and at the same times on Thursdays at Avon Valley. The classes cost £3 per week, which includes the use of all the necessary kit and equipment.

Anyone interested in joining either the after-school classes or the Club can either contact Viv on (01788) 833099 or can contact the Club direct by going to info@salleursafencing.co.uk

Viv’s dream is that Warwickshire can produce a future Olympic medallist and would love to be able to say that the bug was caught in one of her classes!

Wryly she observes that generally people have the idea that Veterans fencing (over 40s), which includes ex-Olympians, is easy, but it certainly isn’t and is getting harder every year with the younger fencers, moving into the Vets age-group.

“Qualification for World and European Championships is not easy and there is a qualification process each year, which allows only four fencers to be selected in each category, so it is a real honour to be able to wear the GB colours,” Viv added. “Naturally I am bent on retaining my place in the GB Team at the qualifiers next January.”