Games Makers’ memories

Craig webb - back from being a volunteer at the 2012 olympics
Craig webb - back from being a volunteer at the 2012 olympics

WRITING Rugby Town match reports and being a former athletics club member helped secure Craig Webb a plum job in the stadium, as part of the press operation teams.

He was one of the 48 photo team members, looking after photographers from all over the world and making sure they were in the right areas, trackside moats and seats - with the right accreditation.

Craig also had to keep the public out of their ‘photo position’ seats and explain that didn’t mean they were the best places to take pictures from!

One of those who slipped into a photographer’s seat was Jessica Ennis’s coach. But as she was winning gold Craig told him although he shouldn’t really be there, he wouldn’t be asking him to move!

Craig also found people assumed that as his bib said ‘photo staff’ he was there to take their photos if they handed him their cameras!

“I couldn’t tell you how many pictures I took last week - but it was easier than explaining!” he said.

At the closing ceremony they’d closed the moats, so I was looking after the photographers’ seating and doing memory disk runs to technicians.

“I was right at the front and the lighting and the noise was incredible!

“It was an amazing experience,” said Craig, 37, who works in credit control.

“Money couldn’t buy an experience like that. I was there for all the gold medals and Super Saturday when we won three within an hour the noise was phenomenal. It was absolutely deafening - and I’ve never seen so many union jacks.

“Just being in the stadium and being involved was awesome. We were so close to the athletes.

“There was a really good atmosphere everywhere in the arena. They were long days, but from when it was announced London had won the bid, I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

As well keeping their uniforms and bags, the Games Makers all received a baton, with a scroll certificate of thanks from the IOC inside. They were also given a collectors’ badge every day.

Camping at Eton Manor rugby club at Wanstead with many other Games Makers, it took Craig just half an hour to travel in every day of the athletics competition.

But it was next to the busy north circular road, so he is looking forward to catching up on some sleep.