GOLF: First time playing for Jim Beaumont Mashie Niblick

Adrian Evans and Duncan Snook
Adrian Evans and Duncan Snook

Captain’s v President’s teams at Rugby Golf Club

The annual match between Rugby Golf Club’s Captain and President took on an extra significance this year as the Jim Beaumont Mashie Niblick - a trophy fashioned out of a splendid antique club made by the former professional at the Clifton Road course - was played for for the first time.

Forty golfers were drawn into two teams playing betterball matchplay.

In the lead match it was Club Captain Duncan Snook and his partner Ian Ridley who took the honours with a 4 and 2 victory over Club President Adrian Evans and Martin Weaver.

However, as the results came in it was clear that the match was going to be extremely tight, and with one group still on the course the scores were level.

Much to the delight of those awaiting the result, the winning point was secured by the Captain’s son, Cameron Snook, who was playing for the President’s team with his partner Barry Pegler.

And, so the final result was a 5.5 to 4.5 victory to the President. Duncan presented the Jim Beaumont Mashie Niblick to Adrian through gritted teeth at the end of a hugely enjoyable day’s golf.