GOLF: Rugby Golf Club

Rugby Golf Club past captains
Rugby Golf Club past captains

Captains v Past Captains game

Captain v Past Captain Match: A hot sunny day heralded the annual match at Rugby Golf Club last Saturday, between the current club captain’s team, led by Duncan Snook and the club’s Past Captains, led by Martin Weaver, the immediate past captain.

Sixteen former captains, spanning the years 1975 to 2013, participated in this match which is celebration of both the past and future of the historic Clifton Road club.

In the lead match Duncan Snook and his vice captain, Mark Ridley were no contest for Martin Weaver and Barry Pegler, who took a commanding early lead that was never going to be overhauled.

In a fantastic day’s golf the club’s elder statesmen held their own in a sequence of really tight matches, but it was the Captain’s team that finally prevailed 5 matches to 3. 

As ever, the actual result was immaterial as speeches, stories and banter flowed during the evening’s proceedings in what always proves to be a prestigious and uplifting event in the club’s calendar.