GOLF: Rugby Golf Club

Atherstone and Rugby teams on the 18th green
Atherstone and Rugby teams on the 18th green

Historic match played since 1894

Rugby v Atherstone

There was much to celebrate at Rugby Golf Club last weekend as Atherstone GC visited the Clifton Road Course to continue a historic match that was first played between the two clubs in 1894. At 120 years the fixture is thought to be the longest running club match in England, probably in the UK and possibly in the whole world of golf and it proved to be a fitting end to the season’s club fixtures. Arriving in rather different fashion to their predecessors, who used to make the journey by horse and narrowboat, the Atherstone team found a hearty welcome and a lovely autumn day.

Played in friendly but competitive spirit, in the lead match Rugby’s Captain Duncan Snook, partnered by Steve Hamp took on Atherstone’s Captain Mark Youson and Brian Downing. With a strong back nine the Rugby pair prevailed winning 3 and 1. However it was Atherstone who ran out winners on the day by a 4-2 margin. A marvellous occasion that was brought to a close with each captain raising a to toast the other’s club on the 18th green - here’s to the next 120 years!