Great performances by talented gymnasts

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Men’s Regional Championships, GMAC in Birmingham

Six of the Men’s Artistic squad competed in the above competition on six pieces of apparatus, four boys at level 1, Clayton Bell, Connor Cook, Luca Marsella and Sam Newberry. Joseph Quinn at level 2 and at level 3 Matthew Bull.

Clayton Bell’s highest score was for the High Bar with 14.50 and his P-Bar routine scored 12.70 placing him 2nd on this piece and he also received 2nd for the floor with 12.50 and 3rd for Vault with 12.10. His total score was 75.10 giving him 4th place overall.

Connor Cooke’s best piece was the P Bars with 11.30 and his overall score came to 62.40. Luca Marsella received 12.80 for the High Bar and was placed 5th overall with a total score of 68.40.

Sam Newberry’s best piece was also the High Bar and he was awarded 13.0 points and his overall score totaled 67.70.

Joseph Quinn competed at level 2 with his best piece being High Bar where he scored 13.90 putting him 3rd and he just missed out on a medal coming 4th overall with a total score of 67.70.

Matthew Bull at level 3 scored 12.20 for the Vault, his best piece and was placed 1st overall coming away with a gold medal.

Winter Competition

December 4 saw the club holding its annual Winter Floor and Vault Competition and five clubs Rugby, Southam, Park Hill, Leamington & Warwick and Flix took part.

The event ran extremely smoothly and all the gymnasts enjoyed themselves.

There were four age categories and two different levels.

Tom Willson Competition

The men’s artistic squad also competed in the Tom Willson Competition held at Milton Keynes and our two elite gymnasts, Owen Print and Thomas Jones took part.

Owen Print received 6.60 for Pommel, 9.80 for Rings, 11.50 for Vault, 9.80 for the High Bar and his highest score was for his Floor routine 12.80 giving him a total score of 60.70. Thomas Jones’s best piece was also the Floor with 12.05 and for the Pommel he received 9.00, Rings 11.0, for the Vault 11.35 and High Bar 5.0 making Thomas’s total score 59.70

Well done to all the gymnasts and the best of luck for 2012.