GYMNASTICS: Club’s young gymnasts showcase their talents

Year 3 Girls on the podium
Year 3 Girls on the podium

Rugby Gymnastics Club

Rugby Gymnastics Club held their annual General Gymnastics competition for boys and girls who attend the club once a week.

Year 2 Boys

Year 2 Boys

Everyone performed to the best of their ability and competed on four pieces of apparatus in front of the judges and audience.

Over 200 children competed with some achieving a bronze, silver or gold medal for all round highest scores in their age group.

The younger competitors were four years old and this was their first competition experience.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents and a huge well done to all.

Rugby Gymnastics Club runs classes for ages 18 months to adult.

For further information please contact the club on (01788) 542617 or

Young gymnasts pictured:

Winning Year 3 girls on the podium: 2nd Katie Buchanan, 1st Grace Large, 3rd Khloe Johnson and Leiah Poutney.

Year 2 Boys: 2nd Aaron Morris, 1st Sam Ward and 3rd Jenson Cooper.