HOCKEY: Rugby & East Warwickshire HC

Action from last season
Action from last season

Men’s 1st team win opening Premier League game and now take on Harborne

Midlands Premier League

Telford 2

REWHC Men’s 1st XI 3

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The league started with three important points for Rugby, playing away on a beautiful water based we were well prepared for the challenge.

Rugby maintained possession well in the first 15 minutes with good transfers across the defence. Rugby struggled to create many opportunities in the D, but Szymon Oszyjczyk latched onto a loose ball to score. Telford played a hard ball down the wing, which two defenders failed to intercept and gave Telford a golden 1v1 opportunity, which they took just before half time.

In the second half Rugby played with confidence and far more aggression to get forward quickly. Some good passing through midfield by Jack Duerden and Luke Hurle created a tight angled shot for Szymon Oszyjczyk on his open stick, which he smashed into the backboard. A poor ball across Telford’s defence that was read well by Szymon Oszyjczyk he dutifully scored the third. In the final few minutes Telford scored a penalty flick from a ball hitting a Rugby player on the line.

Three points was the target, well achieved and looking forward to a 2pm home match to Harborne on Saturday

Olton 6 REWHC Badgers 0

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Rugby started well and both teams seemed evenly matched Rugby having several attempts on goal. However after about 5 minutes Olton scored on their first real attempt on goal. After that Rugby were put under a lot of pressure defending very well with a lot of the play in their own half. Unfortunately every time Olton shot on goal they scored and the first half finished 4–0. Rugby started the second half very well and had a couple of shots on goal and were holding their own very well and seemed quite comfortable. However the pattern of play continued with Olton breaking forward and scoring against the flow of play with their first shot of the second half, a second goal followed towards the end of the match making it 6- 0 and a 7th goal was avoided by a very good save by the Rugby goal keeper.

Saturday’s fixture:

M1 v Harborne – 1400, Hart Field

M2 v West Bridgeford – 1200, Rugby School

M3 v West Bridgeford – Away

M4 v West Bridgeford - Away

M5 v West Bridgeford – 1200, Rugby School

M6 v West Bridgeford - Away

M7 v West Bridgeford – 1530, Hart Field

Badgers 1 v West Bridgeford – 1000, Bilton High School

L1 v Warwick Uni - 1230, Bilton High School

L2 v Edgbaston – 1400, Bilton High School

L3 v Berkswell and Balsall, Away

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