Iris and Kevin both on target at Bradbury Memorial shoot

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At the seventh Tony Bradbury Memorial Shoot, Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) competitors Kevin Rumble and Iris Bingham both came away with gold medals. The event, which was held near Gloucester, was organised by the National Crossbow Federation of GB.

Iris said: “I enjoyed the shoot, and was pleased that 52 of my 90 scoring shots were in the ten.”

Kevin and second-placed Graeme Mooney were only a couple of points apart during the first two distances, but Kevin shot ahead in the 20m.

The shoot is held in memory of the late Tony Bradbury who was the NCF President for many years. The distances were 50m and 40m (with a 60cm face) and 30m with a 40cm Vegas face. Sporting arbalists shot 40m, 30m and 20m. The 30m with the three spot target is extremely difficult to see and the ten ring is only 4cm in diameter.

RSDA Assisted results, out of 900, were: Target Ladies - gold Iris Bingham 860; Sporting Gent - gold Kevin Rumble 845, silver Graeme Mooney 815. Other gold medal winners were: Target Gent - Graham Course 808; Target Lady - Laura Peatfield 792; Target Senior - Ted Hayward 595