Iris champion again

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At the National Crossbow Federation’s National Championships three RSDA members came away with gold medals and Iris Bingham took the National Assisted Championship title for the 17th consecutive year.

Robert Ledsham won gold in the Assisted Gents and new comer Malcolm Scott won in his first competition.

The event took place at Rugby Bowman’s picturesque ground in Dunchurch. It was dry and warm with a challenging, strong side-wind.

The event involved 30 shots at each distance 65m, 55m and 45m. The target face was 60cm in diameter, so the ten-ring was only 6cm. Sporting crossbow shooters had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m and the RSDA novices had 30 shots at 30m and at 20m.

Assisted Tournament

Champions: Robert Ledsham: 65m 170, 55m 232, 45m 257, Total 659/900.

Iris Bingham: 65m 267, 55m 263, 45m 285, Total 815/900.

RSDA Assisted Novices:

Malcolm Scott: 30m 276, 20m 286, Total 562/600.

Graeme Mooney: 30m 267, 20m 267, Total 534/600.

Hazel Duckett: 30m 271, 20m 239, Total 510/600.

Mike Sheasby: 30m 250, 20m 257, Total 507/600.

David Golder: 30m 104, 20m 36, Total 140/600.