It’s now 7-4 in Eddie Brodest trophy

Mick Ives and Martin Hackley in action in LVRC Road Race
Mick Ives and Martin Hackley in action in LVRC Road Race

Rugby RCC

Course: K11/10B - Braunston

It was a win for Dave Kiernan in Rugby RCC’s midweek event, with rival Tim Hastie taking his turn to to help the ‘start team’.

For once the Braunston course lived up to its expectations, with warm conditions and a SE breeze on the outward leg instead of the usual cross-wind which slows riders both out and back.

As weather conditions improve and riders’ gain fitness their times are coming down and many PBs were registered.

The handicap results were mostly dominated by newer members who are carving minutes off their previous times, but Gary Howes still leads the handicap table.

Full results: David Kiernan 21-4, David Newton 21-18, Richard Bray 21-56, Matthew Plant 22-01, Luke Markham 22-14, Matt Jones 22-23, Mike McCann 22-31, David Gillett 22-32, Phil Scott 22-33, Russell Green 22-49, Peter Belfield 22-52, Greg Ashley 23-14, David Baxter 23-22, Gary Howes 23-24, Jonathan Jordan 23-36, Ryan Kenworthy 23-40, Chris Parsons 23-44, Mike Smallwood 23-46, Martin Orrill 23-54, Ray Dyke 24-03, Richard Stirling 24-09, Simon Brand 24-27, Andrew Childs 24-34, Peter Timmins 24-37, David Tyler 24-51, Keith Hirons 24-58, Mark Harris 25-06, Simon Hall 25-14, Tamara Hardman 25-20, Simon Bayliss 25-28, Rob Robson 25-28, Rob Tyler 25-46, Dave Pettifor 25-47, Richard Kenworthy 26-08, Dave Gunby 26-12, John Moseley 26-15, Stephen Guild 26-16, Richard Boyd 26-35, Alan James 27-25, Mark Simpson 27-35, Jamie McKenzie 27-41, Stuart Sykes 27-42, Angus Gordon 28-01, Kirstie Nichols 28-14, Chris Lodge 28-22, Jane Needham 29-14, Beverley Masterman 29-21, Tony Johnson 30-00, Naomi Leugs 30-49, Kate Vanloo 30-50, Colette Marshal 33-51.

Club Handicap: Colette Marshall 16-41, Jamie McKenzie 16-51, Jonathan Jordan 17-36.

Tandem: Mike & Marina Bloom 23-14.

Private Entries: Vince Jenkins (Leisure Lakes Cycles) 23-20, Simon Bull 30-55.

Interclub event, June 22:

Course: K10/10F

Friday evening provided a win for Rugby RCC making it 7-4 in this annual contest between Rugby RCC and Rugby Velo for the Eddie Brodest Trophy, held on the 10-mile Frankton course.

Despite rain falling earlier in the day it remained dry, with 23 riders taking part and the best individual time of 21-37 recorded by Tim Hastie.

Rugby RCC’s aggregate of the first six riders was 134 mins 15 secs, with Rugby Velo on 142-04.

Rugby RCC’s time was a record, beating the 2008 aggregate by 52 seconds.

Full results:

Tim Hastie (Rugby RCC) 21-37, Craig McKee (Rugby RCC) 22-09, Matt Plant (Rugby RCC) 22-18, Phil Clark (Rugby Velo) 22-23, Richard Bray (Rugby RCC) 22-23, Luke Markham (Velo) 22-28,

Phil Scott (Rugby RCC) 22-41, John Beckett (Rugby Velo) 23-01, Mike McCann (RCC) 23-07, Dave Kimberley (RCC) 23-19, Russell Green (Rugby RCC) 23-23, David Baxter (Rugby RCC) 23-57, Gary Hipwell (Rugby Velo) 24-23, Ray Dyke (Rugby RCC) 24-41, Jeremy Hicks (Rugby Velo) 24-47, Steve Franklin (Rugby Velo) 25-02, Dave Garrett (Rugby Velo) 25-05, Martin Orrill (Rugby RCC) 25-16, Keith Hirons (Rugby RCC) 25-27, Simon Bayliss (Rugby RCC) 26-32, Stuart Sykes (Rugby RCC) 28-00, Alan James (Rugby RCC) 28-02, Mike Bloom (Rugby RCC) 28-41.

MI Racing

Another fantastic week’s race results for Team Jewson—M.I.Racing in events across the UK.

Team Boss, and ex World Champion, Mick Ives (Baginton) Team Jewson MI Racing—Thule, was back to something like his best on Sunday, following weeks of knee problems.

Mick won the 70 plus race at, round 4 of the ‘Percy Stallard’ National Road Race series held over the very tough Bridgenorth, Cleebury Mortimer circuit, and in doing so beat all but seven of the riders 60 and over.

The race split to bits early on, as rider after rider attacked on the tough climbs, with 30 miles to go Ives caught team mate Martin Hackley (Dunchurch) and waited for his other team mate Derreck woodings, to link up, to form part of a strong chase group.

They stayed together to the finish, with Hackley finishing 4th in the over 60 race, crossing the line ahead of Ives with Woodings finishing two places behind and 2nd over 70.

Ives now leads the National Series, which he has won a record four times, and Woodings is in third position, Hackley is third in the 60 plus series.

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