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World Championship medals for Patrick’s students

Some 24 students from Patrick Carter’s Schools of Tae Kwon Do, Rugby, Kenilworth and Banbury took part in Tae Kwon Do World Championships, which took place from July 12-14 Skydome Arena, Coventry.

Over 3,000 competitors came to the tournament over the three days, from countries such as Russia, USA, Argentina and Australia, making it the largest Tae Kwon Do competition ever to be held in the UK.

Ria Thompson won silver in individual sparring, Caitlin Morris bronze in individual sparring, Prien Mistry bronze in tag team sparring and Christine English also earned bronze in tag team sparring.

Patrick Carter 6th Dan said: “I am very proud of all the students who worked hard over the last year for the championships.

“Win or lose it’s about taking part and making friends from other countries.”