Medals at 25m shoot

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Two members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled returned from the 25m National Championship shoot in Gloucester with gold medals and one with a silver medal.

The National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain only organises the one 25m shoot each year. Mike said: “It is impossible to practice this distance and the 40cm three-spot target face seems so small. The ten ring is only 4cm across. There was no heating in the range but the lighting was very good. I had to borrow a fleece because it was so cold.”

Throughout the competition Graeme and Mike were neck and neck with the final end deciding the winner. Mike pipped the post by one point. Both shot extremely well.

Iris opted to shoot a 60cm three-spot vertical face which is stipulated in the WCSA rules but found it difficult to tip the bow to reach the top target. As a result she twice shot two in the middle target and lost 20 points.

RSDA medals, with totals out of 600, were won by: RSDA Guests: Mike Sheasby 277 + 279 = 556; Graeme Mooney 276 + 279 = 555

Assisted Ladies: Iris Bingham 289 + 290=579