More world records for crossbow queen Iris

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Iris BINGHAM has received confirmation that at the 25m shoot in November she set two World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) World Records and two European records, one for 30 shots and the other for 60 shots.

Iris believes she now holds 17 World Records.

At Rugby Sport for the Disabled 6 shooters are competing in the 3rd WCSA World Indoor Postal Championships in the assisted (disabled) division.

Two WCSA registered competitions have been held at the club and more are arranged to try and improve their score before entries are submitted by the National Crossbow Federation in September.

The 18m shoot consists of 60 shots each at a 25cm and 40cm target.

Iris was delighted to get a perfect score on the 40cm target in the Tournament Division. Other members shot well, especially Malcolm Scott, and will be competing in the Sporting Division.

Distance results, which are out of 600 and the totals out of 1200 with the ring tens in brackets, are: 25cm target, 40cm target = total.

Iris Bingham: 593 (28); 600 (52) = 1193 (80)

Malcolm Scott: -; 599 (48)= 599 (48)

Graeme Mooney: 551 (7); 574 (18) = 1125 (25)

Hazel Duckett: 560 (12); 568 (16) = 1128 (28)

Stewart Morris: 338 (4); 435 (5)= 773 (9)

Mike Sheasby: 500 (21); -; 500 (21)