MOTORSPORT: Pressure on Cossar for Masters hat-trick


1,000cc Sidecar Grasstrack Preview

All eyes will be on Rugby’s Mark Cossar this Sunday at Swingfield near Folkestone in Kent when he attempts to win the prestigious British Masters for the third time in a row.

Not surprisingly, the 25-year-old will have no shortage of rivals trying to take the title away from him, in what is the sport’s most sought after prize, first staged in 1951.

“Everyone will be pulling out all the stops to beat me,” said Cossar. “But I’m determined not to let the pressure affect my racing. I’m also expecting some mind-games, but if that’s the case I’ll be doing it to them too!”

Dauntingly for their opponents, Cossar and his passenger Carl Blyth have significantly sharpened up their starting technique of late. This was demonstrated in emphatic fashion on Sunday when the pair were victorious in the 60th anniversary meeting at Torry Hill, near Maidstone in Kent – winning all of their races from start to finish. Fans have been used to seeing Cossar carve his way through the field, but if the Rugby favourite continues to make fast starts on Sunday, he could become only the third rider in the history of the sport to complete a hat-trick at the British Masters.

Depending on weather conditions, Cossar is considering using his grasstrack speedway bike if the track is hard and dry. This decision served him very well just recently when he beat Australia’s World Champion Mick Headland at La Réole in France.