Neck brace saves Cossar’s life in horrifying crash

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Rugby sidecar racer Mark Cossar was involved in a horrifying crash whilst riding motocross at the WildTracks Offroad Activity Park near Newmarket.

Paramedics at the scene said the protective neck brace Cossar had been wearing – which had snapped in two – had undoubtedly saved his life.

The twice British Masters Champion, who was taking in some motocross in order to get fit for the new sidecar season, went over a large jump, only to find that on the other side the bike of a fallen rider was right in his path. Cossar tried desperately to turn in mid air but hit the abandoned bike head first.

Unconscious for over five minutes, Cossar was taken to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, where he was treated for ligament damage to his left knee, worse than an actual break.

The 25-year-old was later treated at University Hospital in Coventry where CT scans confirmed he also had bruising to the brain.