NETBALL: Bilton Grange

Bilton Grange netballers
Bilton Grange netballers
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Four out of four for the Bilton Grange Girls at Sedbergh – tournament winners

Last weekend Bilton Grange 1st and 2nd netball teams travelled up to Sedbergh School in the Yorkshire Dales, to play in their annual inter-school netball tournament. The weather meant that the netball took place indoors, but the noise reverberated around the sports hall, and all added to the sense of excitement!

The second team played Sedbergh B team first, giving a great performance and winning 7-1 – special mention to Izzy Baker and Maria Rodko, who worked brilliantly together. Then the BG 1st and 2nd teams came up against each other – which was a very exciting, fast and furious contest. All of the girls wanted to win and this enabled the spectators to witness a great display of netball. The first team won but the standard was high from both sides. The first team went on to win all of their subsequent games but unfortunately the second team were not so lucky.

The last game against Sedbergh A was going to be a spectacle and it really was - the game was amazing, full of talent, tenacity and grit from all 14 girls but the BG girls were on fire! The game was end to end with interception after interception being made in mid court. In the last few minutes Izzy Das Gupta was contacted by the GK which gave BG a penalty shot, despite the pressure, there was no way that she was going to miss. The whistle blew and the match ended with BG winning by two goals, 8-6.

Bilton Grange girls went away from the tournament with four shields and medals, Best Attacking team, having scored the most goals; best defensive team, having let the least goals in; tournament winners; and finally best player of the tournament went to Lily Simpson. This was voted for by other coaches and apparently it was a resounding vote.

Michelle Murray, Head of Girls’ Games at Bilton Grange said: “I could not have been more proud of all 17 girls. They were unbelievably well behaved, played their hearts out and were great fun to be with. Well done!”