NEW RUNNING COURSES: Get fit and have fun

Some of the men's running group
Some of the men's running group

16-weeks culminating in 5k run

Two new 16-week beginners’ running courses will start on Saturday, January 31 at Rugby’s athletics track from 10am to 11am.

Some of the ladies' running group

Some of the ladies' running group

Established in 2009, the Ladies’ Running Group now has more than 150 regular members.

The Men’s Running Group, which started last year, is already fast increasing its membership base, catering for new runners of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes, from complete novices to intermediate runners.

Whether you are looking to compete in your first 5k or dream of running a marathon, the group will provide you with coach-led sessions and specific training plans to meet your ongoing individual needs.

Your personal goal may be to get fit, lose weight, relieve work pressure, escape from the children for an hour or meet new people and you will find all the above in the groups.

The training takes place at the athletics track, next to the new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre and the sessions are a mixture of track based training and calculated distance runs, culminating in a group 5k run as part of an larger organised run locally.

Included in the £30 course price for the ladies’ group are two midweek sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening (6.30pm) in addition to the main session. The men’s group will meet on alternate Tuesday and Thursdays, also at 6.30pm.

All sessions are with qualified and experienced coaches.

Fun, friendship and a shared commitment to supporting each other to achieve personal goals is an integral part of both groups.

# Three of those who have taken part in previous courses have made the following recommendations:

# “I was amazed to be running reasonable distances so quickly, and actually enjoying it.”

# “The group has made a big difference to my life - I now feel I am a confident runner. I have lost weight, am fitter and have made lots of lovely friends along the way.”

# “I never thought for one minute that I would ever put on a pair of running shoes and here I am two years later about to enter my first half marathon!” 

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