ORIENTEERING: News from the Octavian Droobers

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Springtime in Shropshire

The biannual SINS event, Springtime in Shropshire, attracted over 70 entries from Octavain Droobers club and members achieved some great results competing against over 1400 total entrants.

On the Saturday afternoon at Croft Castle, first places went to Nathan Lawson M16 who took 40mins in his class, Aimee Morse W16 42.40mins, Lesley Ross W45 47mins and Hilary Simpson W70 57.47mins. Second places were awarded to Roger Hailey M75, Heather Rogers W16, Julie Emmerson W18, Anne Straube W35 and Sheila Carey W65. Winners of the short courses were Hamish Rogers on the M18 class in 41.50mins, Liz Cross W40 50.46mins and Diana Hailey W70 taking 62.47mins.

On Sunday at Hopton it really was ladies day, as a total of seven won their classes: Aimee Morse W16 taking 41.28mins, Julie Emmerson W18 40.26mins, Anne Straube W35 66.45mins, Lesley Ross W45 45.13mins, Sheila Carey W65 46mins, Liz Cross W40 short 47.50mins and Diana Hailey W70 short 52.54mins and Hilary Simpson nearly made it 8 as she missed first place by only 35 seconds on the W70 course.

After the Hopton race in the morning Ludlow town was the setting for the oversubscribed Urban race in the late afternoon. Competitors enjoyed running through the castle grounds and around the town in the sunshine. Good results were achieved by Matthew Elkington M18 in the Men’s Open class coming 5th in 35.29mins and Mike Hampton 3rd in the Ultra Vet class in 29.14mins. Harrison McCartney won the Junior Men in 18.15mins; Nathan Lawson was 2nd 20.04mins and Stephen Elkington 3rd 20.34mins. In the Women’s Open Julie Emmerson came 1st in 38.22mins and Harriet Lawson 3rd in 40.46mins. Sheila Carey was 4th in the Ultra Veteran Women’s race in 38.50mins and Aimee Morse 3rd only 5 seconds behind the winner on the Junior Women’s course taking 25.53mins.

In the fourth event on the Monday, at Brown Clee, Nathan Lawson again had a good run coming in 1st in the M16 race in 44.24mins ahead of fellow club member Harrison McCartney 46.02mins. Matthew Elkington was 2nd on the M18 course in 54.29mins, Chris McCartney 3rd on the M40 class in 70.56mins, Mike Hampton 2nd on the M65 class in 44.41mins and Roger Hailey 1st on the M75 class in 47.16mins. Aimee Morse was 2nd on the W16 course in 47.09mins and Heather Rogers 2nd in 54.12mins. Julie Emmerson came in 1st on the W18 course in 36.14mins and Harriet Lawson 3rd in 38.10mins. Anne Straube won the W35 class in 59.59mins as did Lesley Ross taking 39.58mins in the W45 class. Liz Cross was 2nd on the W40 short course in 53.14mins and Jane Stew won the W55 short course taking 51.02mins. Sheila Carey was 3rd on the W65 course taking 50.31mins and Hilary Simpson was 4th on the W70 course in 76.05mins and Diana Hailey won the W70 short course in 59.55mins.

Next Events

Octavian Droobers Orienteering Club are staging the Wednesday evening event on 5 June at Pooley Fields Country Park, near Atherstone, with starts from 6 until 7.30pm. Runners and walkers of all ages, 5 – 85 years and abilities will be welcome to come along to come along to try out this outdoor adventure navigation sport. Several courses of between 1k and 6k have been planned and help is available to all newcomers. A large scale map and electronic timers are provided; bring a compass if you have one. To find out more see website www.octavian-droobers.org or tel: 01926 632189.