ORIENTEERING: Octavian Droobers

Handicap winners at Harvester Relay

At the Harvester Weekend, staged near Sheffield, Octavian Droobers fielded two relay teams. Liz Phillips, Jo Halliday, Rachel Emmerson, Julie Emmerson and Lesley Ross won the women’s handicap trophy on the B course running and navigating through Eccleshall Woods and Limb Valley, starting in the dark using head torches early on Sunday morning with the last legs run in the light. The seven man club team, started around midnight on the Saturday night, and were placed 4th in the handicap race. Team members were Bruce Bryant, Alan Halliday, Sami Takaluoma, Matthew Elkington, Barry Elkington, Peter Guillaume and Tony Feltblower.

Other events during the weekend included a Middle Distance race, Ultrasprint and an Urban Race around Dore village, South West of Sheffield. Junior Julie Emmerson was on top form and came 3rd in the Middle race at Bowden Housteads on the Blue 4k course in 36.48mins and also 3rd on the 3.7k D course around Dore Village in 24.47mins.

Next Event

Octavian Droobers will be welcoming new and experienced orienteers to an event at Kenilworth starting at Abbey Fields and running through the Town on Wednesday evening 27 July. If you and your family would like to experience running, walking and navigating around the park and the town using a specially drawn large scale map, the club will be running courses for all ages, from 5 – 85 years, and abilities. Help will be provided and start times are from 6.00 – 7.30pm. To find out more see website www.octavian-droobers.org or tel: 01926 632189.