RIDING: South Kilworth Riding Club Championships

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The club held their annual awards evening last week

Trophies and rosettes were presented to members who had won the most points in each class during the year, and there were special trophies for everything from the youngest rider to the best all-round performance.

Club Chairman, Richard Harrison, said “Despite the weather we held three very successful shows this year in the lovely grounds of Stanford Hall. I’d like to thank all our members, judges and helpers for their support this year and look forward to seeing them all again next year.”

The dates for next year’s shows, all held at Stanford Hall on Sundays, are: 19 May, 16 June, 14 July and 1 September. Details and photos are on the club website www.skrc.co.uk and the club has an active Facebook group, which is open to everyone to join.

Photo shows Ring Champions Louisa Butland, Clarissa Ingrams, Scarlett Allen, Louise Arnold, Elise Kyle, Stephen Leedham, Ellis Young, Dominic Switzer and Paige Walker.


Overall Points: Louise Arnold

Allrounder: Philly O’Brien

Best Boy: Jacob Makepeace

Most Improved: Elise Pacey

Youngest Riders: Harry and Holly Harrison

Determination and Perseverance: Ellis Young and Joanne Copson

Ring Champions: Ring 1 – Louisa Butland and Paige Walker, Ring 2 – Elise Kyle, Ring 3 – Scarlett Allen, Ring 4 – Clarissa Ingram, Ring 5 – Stephen Leedham, Ring 6 - Ellis Young and Dominic Switzer, Ring 7 – Abbie Dewis.

Individual trophy winners were:

Ring 1 Show Jumping

2ft Jumping- Pony Paige Walker

2ft Jumping -Horse Helena Walker

2ft3 ft Jumping- Pony Paige Walker

2ft3 Jumping -Horse Paige Walker

2ft6 ft Jumping -Pony Paige Walker

2ft6 Jumping- Horse Suki Stripp

2ft9 ft Jumping - Pony Daisy Sewell

2ft9 ft Jumping - Horse Suki Stripp

3ft Jumping - Horse Louisa Butland

Open Jumping Louisa Butland

Ring 2 12 and Under Jumping

9 in Jumping - Lead Rein Jacob Makepeace

9 in Jumping Louise Arnold

1ft Jumping – Lead Rein Jacob Makepeace

1ft Jumping Joanne Copson

1ft6 Jumping Joanne Copson

1ft9 Jumping Elise Kyle

2ft Jumping Elise Kyle

2ft3 Jumping Elise Kyle

Open Jumping Charlotte Wilson

Ring 3 Ridden Showing

Best Turned Out Scarlett Allen

Riding Club Pony Philly O’Brien

Young Rider Scarlett Allen

Family Horse / Pony Philly O’Brien

Style and Appearance Leila Marvin

Veteran Leila Marvin

Coloured Millie Marsden

Mountain and Moorland Jacob Makepeace

British Breeds Scarlett Allen

Ring 4 Working Hunters

Ridden Show Hunter Pony Philly O’Brien

Nursery Stakes Louise Arnold

Novice Working Hunter Georgina Harrison

Working Hunter Clarissa Ingram

Open Working Hunter Clarissa Ingram

Riding Club Horse Rosie Boulton

Ridden Hunter Rosie Boulton

Sports Horse or Pony Philly O’Brien

Ring 5 In-hand Showing

Youngstock Stephen Leedham

Young Handler Louise Arnold

Best Condition Lesley Collings

Coloured Horse or Pony Georgina Palfreyman

Mountain and Moorland Steve Collins

Hunter Type Lesley Collings

British Breeds Steve Collins

Veteran Abi Dewis

Ring 6 Gymkhana

5 Years and Under Ellis Young

6 to 7 Years Dominic Switzer

12 to 15 Years Tamsyn Robertson

16 Years and Over Zoe Young

Ring 7 Fun Showing

Overall points Abi Dewis