ROUNDERS: Anyone for a game of rounders?

The lovely blue skies and warm weather has welcomed the rounders’ season back to Rugby with a smile.

Following a meeting on April 7, the Rugby Rounders Association is kicking off their league with practices being held on the following two Thursdays and matches starting on the 21st.

This year the league is keen to encourage new members who can become players for one of the twelve teams (the league is split into two divisions, with six teams in each). Everyone is welcome, whether you wish to join to get fit or just making friends. Different skill levels are welcome, whether you play other sports, such as cricket and wish to try Rounders, or even if you have not played since school.

The weekly matches and practice are held at the Newbold Rugby Club every Thursday between half six and half eight in the evening, the league is specifically for women aged 14 and above. If you are interested in becoming part of a team you can contact Chris Cox by phone: 01788521460 or at