ROUNDERS: First week of Rugby Rounders League

Last summer's Oddball's team with their winners' trophies
Last summer's Oddball's team with their winners' trophies

Good weather for teams at Rugby School

The first rounders league match of the season took place last Thursday at Rugby school. Uncharacteristically the weather was good that evening in between two rather damp days. The three rounders games were played to the normal high standard with good batting and some extremely good fielding.

A few stalwarts of the game were missing, but it was also nice to see a few new faces. The new team of the Pilgrims showed their class immediately, with very good fielding in the outfield and the all round ability of the team in hitting the ball. Oakley matched them well in the first innings, but then with some of the best batters out fairly early on in the second innings, only Becky Clish managed her normal array of rounders scoring 7 for Oakley. Pilgrims needed 5 rounders for victory, and with 7 of the 9 players scoring, they took the 3 points scoring 22.5 overall. Players of the match were Kelly Bowley (Oakley) and Alex Meek (Pilgrims).

Bat Girls struggled against the Stiff Joints. New players meant throwing was not always as accurate as it might be, back up was sometimes lacking. With the speed and accuracy missing the Stiff Joints took full advantage, scoring 11 rounders in their first innings. Unfortunately Bat Girls then struggled to score, with a number of players being stumped at first post, and some good catches being taken by the Stiff Joints fielders. Players of the match were Katie Barry (Bat Girls) and Angie Cresswell (Stiff Joints)

The final match saw the Mad Batters start well as the batting team, with the Oddballs making a number of errors, but as the game progressed Oddballs improved. The first innings being extremely close with the Mad Batters on 3.5 and the Oddballs on 4.5. The second innings saw the Oddball’s normal combination of bowler, backstop and first post, working extremely well to put out a number of players. Catching was good and in one slick combination a player was caught, ball thrown in and a second player stumped out. This restricted the Mad Batters ability to score and they could only manage a further 2.5. The Oddballs only now needed 2 rounders for victory. With the batters finding a bit more form and Becky Nelson sprinting for glory adding 5.5 with Tracey Lewis on 4.5 and Laura Curley on 4. The team amassed a total of 19. Players of the match were Becky Nelson (Oddballs) and Kelly Reeve (Mad Batters).