ROUNDERS: Rugby league

Thursday evening’s results

The rounder’s matches, held on Thursday the 28th at the Newbold Rugby Club, have sped off to a great start this week with amazing scores of thirty seven rounders from The Rabble and The Mad Batters, who showed no hint of only having had two practices before the start of the season. The Rabble’s Deborah Soley was named player of the match due to consistent brilliant batting, scoring a massive eleven rounders by herself.

Becci Clish from The Rabble also got a very high individual score of ten rounders, through her ability to hit the ball wherever she chose, picking her places carefully where no one was fielding. It was also her birthday that day so I’m sure she had a very good day celebrating that as well as a win for The Rabble.

The Big P, who played The Rabble, only scored ten and a half unfortunately nowhere near The Rabble, a highlight to their game was Natasha who was a very good fielder particularly in deep fielding so hopefully they can get their game together for the next match. The Mad Batters had a very close game at first against Cool Runnings with the first innings proving they were an equal match with a draw thirteen rounders each, however, Cool Runnings grew weary in the fielding in the second innings and gave the rounders away to Mad Batters who scored a massive twenty four rounders with only seven and a half rounders from Cool Runnings.

Other great performances came from Belles of the Ball who scored twenty rounders in an extremely intense and close match with the Bat Girls, who in the end scored eighteen. Belles of the Ball started dismally with only a score of three rounders to their name; empowered with their opposition’s sense of defeat the Bat Girls scored nine and a half, meaning that Belles of the Ball really needed to get their act together in the second innings.

Belles of the Ball’s play suggested that the first innings was just a warm up as the batters ran up an almighty score of 17 rounders in the second innings to get them back in the game.

The Bat Girls fought back with just as good a batting innings but just fell short of beating them, their player Gemma King was named man of the match for tricky left hits that allowed her to run rounder after rounder as well as her tight fielding, catching a lot of backwards hits and efficiently covering fourth post. Belles of the Ball’s player of the match was Daisy Job for long throws from very deep in the pitch due to the consistent strong hits from the Bat Girls player Sam Crawley.