ROUNDERS: Sun shines on Thursday’s games

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Resounding win for the Jollies

The weather continues to be kind to the rounders league, with glorious weather on Thursday evening.

Jollies v Bat Girls

The Jollies continued in their fine batting form with a resounding victory 30.5 rounders to 6.5, against the Bat Girls. The Bat Girls showed spirited resistance initially, but were worn down by failing to get batters out quickly and then being pressurized to throw the ball quickly which then led to errors. Beth Nixon’s fine personal tally of 8.5 rounders helped to gain her the player of the match for the Jollies, while Leanne Waite was nominated for the Bat Girls.

Oddballs v Oakley

Oddballs, one of the other top teams were more under pressure from their opponents, Oakley. Although securing victory in the end, the score was far closer. It was mainly due to Tracey Lewis with 5 rounders and Fern Bewick with 4.5 that they managed a score of 15.5. Oakley responded with 6 rounders in their first innings, and tried very hard in the second innings but could only add a further 4 rounders. Players of the match were Yvonne Walker (Oakley) and Fern Bewick (Oddballs).

Mad Batters v Pilgrims

In the final game, the Mad Batters had a comprehensive victory with all players but one adding to the scoreline. A very long innings with Pilgrims struggling to get players out meant Mad Batters had more opportunity to score, and they finally declared with 26.5.

Good quick stumping by the Mad Batters put out a number of batters and with only four players managing to get on the score sheet the total was limited to 9.5. This forced a follow on. With a similar result in the second innings adding a further 8 rounders. Insufficient to win but a good effort. Becky Westley did well to score 5 rounders, but player of the match for the Pilgrims went to Emma Corns, with Jill Talbot getting the vote for the Mad Batters.