RSDA at Solihull Sports Day

Rugby Sport for the Disabled 'Solihull'August 4 2011
Rugby Sport for the Disabled 'Solihull'August 4 2011

Seven Rugby Sport for the Disabled members entered the Sports Day for the Disabled at Solihull and four returned with a medal.

The friendly event was organised by the Rotary Club of Solihull. Some of our helpers assisted with events, too.

Each competitor could choose two serious events and everyone was entered for the four have-a-go competitions of table skittles, mini golf, target bean bag and new age bowls. Newcomer to RSDA, Malcolm Scott, was extremely surprised to collect a medal at his first competition. The boccia and kurling, which were knock-out competitions, each had about 40 entries.

Our members and helpers picked up many prizes on the raffle. Then, after five hours of competition, medal time arrived. Awards were won by:

Malcolm Scott: gold mini golf

Mike Sheasby: gold target bean bag

David Golder: silver boccia

Iris Bingham: gold new age kurling


From left to right with their equipment:

David Golder, Mike Sheasby, Iris Bingham, Malcolm Scott