RUGBY: Pride in Lionesses’ achievements

Rugby Lionesses
Rugby Lionesses

Defeat in national final, but new found passion to develop for next time

The Rugby Lionesses had made their way through some tough competition to reach the RFU Junior Plate Final against Windsor Dames, played at Lichfield RFC on Sunday.

The Lionesses were thrilled to get through to the final after a hard league season but were fired up for the game and knew no matter the outcome were proud to be able to be part of such an event.

The Pride had good numbers available and the travelling support which made their way was awesome to see and hear from the sidelines. It was nearly as good as playing at home!

Windsor Dames came out hard and very fast from the first whistle. The Lionesses were stretched at such a well organised back line and it was soon evident that the Windsor Dames back three were going to be tough opponents. With the defence stretched at times the Dames secured some early points, but the Lionesses were not going to let that get to them. With good territory and possession the Pride fought hard to score twice and showed how they were capable of playing at this level, but sadly on the day the pace from the Windsor back lines and support in rucks proved too much and the final whistle blew at 50-12 score line.

The Lionesses were as magnanimous in defeat as they are in victory and cheered the winning side off the pitch and to the Plate ceremony! To start the season with a developing side and end it playing at the Junior Plate Final was a massive achievement!

The Lionesses are proud to have been part of the event and on the day the opposition’s hunger was just greater than the Pride could stop. They now move onto 2016/17 season with new found vigour and passion as they now see where to develop further and next time bring home the win to Rugby.