RSDA members with MP Mark Pawsey
RSDA members with MP Mark Pawsey

32nd Rotary Disabled Sports Team Championship

Rugby’s team members were presented with framed certificates by Rugby MP Mark Pawsey, following their superb performance at the 32nd Rotary Disabled Team Championships which was held at the Xcel Centre in Coventry. After gaining third place for three years, this year Rugby achieved second place and received a cheque for £300. Leicestershire was first and Hucknall third.

Team leader Iris Bingham said: “I always tell our team to do their best and, most of all, enjoy themselves. This is exactly what they did and as always we had a great team spirit.”

During the two days there were 13 sports - Pairs Boccia, Team Boccia, Kurling, Darts, Female Weight-lifting, Male Weight-lifting, Pitstop, Rifle Shooting, Slalom, Triathlon, Swimming, Table Tennis and TT for learning difficulties. Most events needed a senior and a junior competitor. Some sports needed a senior male and female and a junior boy and girl. Competitors gained points for their position in each event. These were added together to give the overall result.

RSDA has few qualifying members from which to choose the team of 25, unlike most other teams who can select from up to three counties.

Mark Pawsey visited the club and watched the swimming then, after trying Crossbow shooting, NewAge Kurling and Boccia, he presented framed certificates to each team member. Three individual awards were presented, to the darts team of Brian Kinzett and Dave Powers, the Kurling team of Graeme Mooney and Kevin Rumble and for Female Weight-lifting to Melissa Mooney and Shauna Duffy.

Mark was surprised at all our activities and we appreciated his visit and his interest in RSDA. The club would also like to thank the Rotary Club of Rugby Dunsmore who transported members to the Team Games and for their assistance all weekend.