Ryan and Connie into national finals in May

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Rugby Gymnastics Club competed in the first tumbling competition of the year, last weekend.

Unfortunately only five gymnasts were able to compete in such an important competition, as first place in each category and age group qualifies for the National Finals in May this year, held at Fenton Manor.

Despite Chloe Hutchinson’s reservation at entering the competition, because of the long Christmas break and very few training sessions, she managed a very respectable score of 65.6.

Connie Briggs performed next and achieved the best tumbles her coaches have ever seen from her, achieving a very high score of 81.6 winning her first place – so Connie is through to the finals!

Alex Bucknall was awarded second place with a score of 70.2 and Lloyd Briggs was also give third place with his total score of 76.5.

Last to perform his three tumbles was Ryan Cleaver at Elite level 4 and with a score of 81 was awarded first place and will therefore go through to defend his National Championship title, later on this year.

Congratulations to all of you!