SCHOOL SPORT: Agility challenge

Bawnmore Infant School
Bawnmore Infant School

Bawnmore Infant School to represent area at next stage in July

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Infant Agility

This year saw 14 Rugby schools take part over four heats for the Level 2 School Games Infant Agility Challenge which was held at Harris CofE Academy and Ashlawn School.

About 500 children from school years 1 and 2 contested the eight different events: Runner, Jumper, Thrower, Launcher, Pitcher, Skipper, Bouncer and Balancer. Every child was given the opportunity to test their key core skills taking up the challenges of trying to run as fast as they can, throw and jump as far as they can and then agility and accuracy also playing an important role with events such as Pitcher, Skipper and Bouncer. These events were supported by leaders from across the area, members of the Rugby Leadership Academy.

Congratulations to the pupils from Bawnmore Infant School who won overall. They will go on to represent the Eastern Warwickshire Area at the Sainsbury’s Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Level 3 School Games competition in July.