School sports awards for success and effort

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YOUNGSTERS enjoyed the first annual sports awards hosted by Eastern Warwickshire School Sport Partnership, on Thursday evening.

The awards aim to celebrate the sporting success, dedication and immense talent displayed by children and young people in many of the Rugby Schools that belong to the Partnership, which is based at Harris School.

To link in with the 2012 Olympics, guest speakers included Camilla Hadland, a world class rower and Olympic Torch Bearer, local synchronised swimmer Sophie Randle, who is a member of the England Development Squad and who will be involved with the opening ceremony event at the London Olympic Pool, and English and UK International Athlete Sara McGreavy.

Throughout the evening children and young people received medals, certificates and trophies in recognition of their achievements.

Winners included:

n Secondary Female Sports Person of the Year Rebecca Lewis from Ashlawn School who is the RS Tera World Ladies Champion in Sailing, clinching this title in Denmark earlier this year. Emma Chan of Harris School achieved the Highly Commended award who is ranked number one in doubles and mixed U13 badminton.

n Secondary Male Sports Person of the Year was Todd Williams from Harris School, who was placed first in the World Kickboxing Council

British Open Championships 2012, and became the British Champion in continuous fighting.

n The Highly Commended award went to Kian Taylor-Jackson of Lawrence Sheriff School who qualified with his partner for the European Electric Boogie Championships in Slovenia.

n Hayleigh Holmes and Jaspal Matharu both from Brooke School won the Secondary Female and Male Sports Person of the Year - Ability Awards for their amazing dedication to school sport.

n Harris U14 Girls Football Team won the Secondary School Team of the Year award whilst Avon Valley Year 11 Netball Team won the Highly Commended award.

n Secondary Female Participator of the Year was awarded to Megan Haswell from Harris School and Secondary Male Participator of the Year to Dan Walshe from The Avon Valley School.

n Brooke School Primary and Secondary Cheerleading teams received awards for their incredible achievement at becoming National Champions in the Special Schools National Championships earlier this year.

n At Primary School Level, May Burke from Paddox Primary School and Chloe Hunt from Boughton Leigh Junior School achieved joint Primary Female Sports Person of the Year for their success in Badminton England Tournaments, whilst Clayton Bell of Paddox Primary School received the award for Primary Male Sports Person of the Year in recognition of his achievements at the National Gymnastics Championships where he represented the West Midlands.

Jack Dolly of Boughton Leigh Junior School achieved Highly Commended in recognition of his record time for swimming 200m butterfly stroke.

n Paddox Primary Sportshall Athletics Team won the Primary School Team of Year award having first won the Eastern area final then progressing on to win the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire competition final by 8 points. Paddox Girls Football Team achieved the Highly Commended award.

n The Primary Leadership and Volunteering Award was won by the Boughton Leigh Junior School playleaders; Leah, Megan, Shelby, Luke, Jack, Bobbie, Sarah, Jamal, Holly, Sard and Sam who also act as Peer Mediators in a dual lunchtime role.

n Primary Participator of the Year was awarded to Warwick Stonell of Boughton Leigh Junior School and the Primary Ability Participator of the Year was awarded to Anthony Davis of Brooke School.

n The award for Services to School Sport was jointly won by Alan Stevens of Boughton Leigh Junior School, and Annette Carlin and Sharon Fearn both of Brooke School.

This award recognizes the time and commitment given by adults in schools to ensure that pupils have as many opportunities as possible to take part in physical activities and school sport.

n Awards were also given to young children who have also shown one or more of the Olympic and Paralympic Values within their personal life:

For Excellence: May Burke - Paddox Primary School

For Inspiration: Max Markham - Boughton Leigh Junior School

For Courage: Chelsea Street - Boughton Leigh Junior School

For Friendship: Holly Fry - Boughton Leigh Junior School

For Determination: Abby Smith - Paddox Primary School

For Equality, Determination and Courage: Jessica Lutener - Brooke School

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated by their schools for the various awards. Rugby has many talented and dedicated young people.