SCHOOLS SPORT: Extra skills for sports staff

Professional development for primary school staff has been high on the agenda of the Eastern Warwickshire School Sport Partnership last term.

Teachers, teaching assistants and Midday Supervisors have been accessing a broad range of training to support the work they do with primary aged pupils in Physical Education, school sport and play activities, the overall aim being to increase their subject knowledge to ensure high quality provision for pupils.

Schools have had the opportunity to access whole staff training based in their own schools, practical support and demonstrations regarding the teaching of PE, and attendance on centralised courses and conferences.

Whether it be focussing on improving their lunchtime provision, planning an engaging PE curriculum, or exploring how we can embrace the opportunities that will arise from the Olympic Games in 2012, schools have welcomed the support they have received.

After attendance at the recent KS2 conference one teacher commented: “A fantastic day with lots of great information. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Together with advice on planning and assessing PE, staff from schools have also had opportunities to receive training in a range of practical activities including Gymnastics, Mini-Basketball, High 5 Netball, Cheerleading, Tri Golf and Multi-skills. As a result, many schools are already offering a wider selection of activities to their pupils, both during curriculum time and as after school clubs.

If you would like more information about how your school and staff could benefit from the support offered by the Eastern Warwickshire School Sport Partnership please contact Leesa Brennan, Partnership Development Manager, at Harris School.