Second crack at Thai title

Thai kick boxer Brian Lowe
Thai kick boxer Brian Lowe

Although he wasn’t successful in his first attempt at the vacant WRSA British Thai boxing title last Saturday - Brian Lowe is determined to put that right in the rematch in March.

He has previously won a British Championship at semi-contact, but this was his biggest fight so far at full contact style, which uses ‘eight limbs’ including elbows and shins.

He was fighting Scott Hamilton on home ground in Bristol.

“It was good experience,” said Brian, 34, a security officer in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre, who has been involved in martial arts since he was 14.

“It was my first major fight and with three months to train for the next one, it should be a different story. I’m very glad his camp have given me the opportunity.” The 90-95kg British title is fought over five two-minute rounds.

Brian is grateful to both his coaches. He first learned from Brian Kidney from the age of 17 until he was 20, and was then coached for ten years by Gordon Burcham at G-Force Martial Arts gymn, working his way through to black belt.

World champion Gordon is still his mentor but 2nd Dan Brian is now back with his original instructor Brian Kidney’s Phoenix Thai K1 Kickboxing club, which is based at G-Force.