See bridge in shopping centre!

EVER wondered what the game of bridge is all about? Rugby Bridge Club will be giving a demonstration in the town centre on Saturday.

Two teams of four players will play a fiercely competitive match on two tables in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre. Other club members will be on hand to explain the game and answer questions from passers-by.

The club are well established with a growing membership and are looking to expand still further.

They are a very friendly club catering for all abilities. Sessions include lessons for complete beginners, tutored events for ‘improvers’, competitive sessions for more experienced players and matches against other clubs.

The match will take place in the Clock Towers near Wilkinsons from 10am to 4pm.

Chairman of the Management Committee, Peter Langley, said: “We get so much pleasure out of playing bridge that we’d like to share it with people who are looking for a new challenge, whether or not they have ever played the game before.”

Rugby Bridge Club

Val Wormleighton had a splendid end to the week, winning with Marion Dixon (68%) on Thursday and with Roger Ward (63%) on Friday.

Pam Southern and Anne Pettitt (62%) were second on Thursday, while on Friday there was a tie for second place between Terry Bradbury and Theresa Hillier and Anne Pettitt and Chris Malthouse.

On Tuesday, Ron Golby and Helen Foster (64%) scored a narrow win against the 2012 leaders Marion Dixon and Chris Malthouse, with Petr Malis and Cassie Malisova, on a good run at the moment, third.

On the following Tuesday hand, it paid to be in hearts rather than no trumps because of the extra trick available from ruffing.

With 27 points in one hand and only 1 in the other, north – south found a slam in all but one case. 12 tricks were available in no trumps thanks to a squeeze, giving a score of 1440.

But in hearts all 13 tricks could be made by discarding a diamond on a spade and ruffing losers in the minor suits, for a slightly superior 1460:

North - S – 7, H – T 9 8 5 3 2, D – T 7 4, C – J T 7

South - S – A K, H – A K Q 7 6 4, D – A K 8 6, C – A

Full results and other news are at /rugbylimited



On Monday a record ten and a half tables played eight 3 board rounds of a Bowman (Appendix Mitchell) movement.

Top of the North/South side were Peter Halliday & Brian Mawby with 61.68%; second were Graham Clarke & Patti Jarvis with 60.42%; third were Jim Bainbridge & Chris Cassin on 54.69%; fourth were Felicity White & Betty Pickard with 51.56%.

East/West were led by Nicky Cook & Margaret Bias on 59.82% followed by Jane Smith & Ann Burrage with 57.03%; third were Jane Reed & Christine Greenaway on 54.46% and fourth were Marion and Clare Dixon on 54.17%.

On Tuesday of last week Ron Woolgar & Caelia Pinkney led a field of six pairs with a decisive 75.00% followed by Glenys Barton & Jean Walmsley on 58.75%.

On Friday, August 3 we will hold our ‘First Friday in the Month’ teams of four evening.

Any team of four players, including visitors, is welcome to enter.

See for details.