SEGWAY POLO: Germans best as Rugby hosts UK’s first international tournament

Balver Mammuts v Funky Move Turtles playing in Rugby on Sunday
Balver Mammuts v Funky Move Turtles playing in Rugby on Sunday

Teams from all over world compete at Rugby College

Rugby College hosted the UK’s inaugural International Segway Polo Tournament on Sunday, which saw victory for one of the six German teams.

Balver Mammuts with Mark Weller and Mark Pawsey

Balver Mammuts with Mark Weller and Mark Pawsey

Teams from all around the world took part, visiting from as far as Barbados, Sweden, Finland, Holland Germany and Spain, to join the five British Teams: Cornwall Segway Polo Team, Segway Events, Team England, Team GB and BBC Click.

Two German Teams finished top of the 16 entries, with Balver Mammuts winning the tournament, beating Funky Move Turtles 2-1.

The five British teams, newcomers to the sport, gained experience, hitting numerous goals and have have now been invited to the renowned World Cup tournament, the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’, named after Apple co-founder and Segway Polo player Steve Wozniak, being held in Cologne, Germany, on July 16-19.

Sunday’s action packed afternoon at Technology Drive began with a street dance performance by Impact Dance Studios, followed by a players parade, with the high octane matches being the main focus of the day and concluding with a prize presentation sponsored by Sweetas Cake Emporium, Yardley and Costco Coventry.

Horse polo player and commentator Karl Ude-Martinez kept the spectators informed throughout the afternoon, whilst Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams revealed her versatility within the sports world in front of special guests including Barbados High Commissioner Guy Hewitt and Miss Caribbean, with Mark Pawsey presenting the prizes.

Olaf Funke, Chairman of the International Segway Polo Association and captain of Funky Move Turtles said: “It’s been an incredibly successful tournament overall and a great indicator of things to come in the UK.

“Now it’s time for us to all focus on the World Cup just three months away and we are looking forward to the new British teams joining us.”

Mark Weller, Coach and Founder of UK Segway Polo said: “This sport is known as a ‘Sport of Equals’ for reasons clearly demonstrated over the weekend.

“It doesn’t matter what experience or fitness capabilities you have, Segway Polo is a sport which anyone can learn very quickly and to competition level too.

“I’m also really proud that the British teams managed to do as well as they did, considering they were only introduced to the sport last year.”