SEGWAY POLO: Two Rugby players selected for world cup

Chris Hart   (picture by Heather Harvey)
Chris Hart (picture by Heather Harvey)

First international tournament in Rugby leads to trip to Germany

Two Rugby men will make their debut in ‘Team GB’ and ‘Team England’ in the Segway Polo World Cup Championships - also known as the Woz Challenge - at Ostkampfbahn in Cologne, Germany from today (Thursday) until Sunday.

Malcolm Freeman  (picture by Jamie Gray)

Malcolm Freeman (picture by Jamie Gray)

Team GB striker, Malcolm Freeman and Team England defender, Chris Hart, will be taking part.

A total of 19 teams will be playing, from as far afield as Barbados, Lebanon, USA and Finland.

The ‘Woz Challenge Cup’, now into it’s ninth year, is named after Apple co-founder and Segway Polo player Steve Wozniak, who is also confirmed to attend and compete with his team ‘The Silicon Valley Aftershocks’.

Following on from the first ever International Segway Polo Tournament in the UK, held in Rugby in April, which welcomed 12 overseas teams, the pressure is now on for Great Britain to show its more competitive side.

Having undergone rigorous training sessions over the last three months in particular, the three British teams are looking forward to revealing their improvements.

Team GB Striker and MD of Oxygen Graphics, Chairman of Rugby Round Table, Malcolm Freeman said: “I’ve had more fun than I expected while learning to play Segway Polo in the few months since I first stepped on a Segway.

“Being part of a team and learning new skills and tactics together has developed a passion and determination to become a great Segway Polo player. It’s only now starting to sink in that we’re heading to the World Cup Championships next week and excited is an understatement to how I feel right now!”

Team England defender and Director of Morphics Consultancy, Chris Hart said: “There is a really positive community of players within this sport, where all are viewed equally.

“Since all Segways go the same speed, your only real advantages come from the skills and tactics gained through practice.

“I’ve only been playing a short time, but I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to playing in the World Cup.”

Mark Weller, UK Coach and Founder of UK Segway Polo: “As proven during the recent UK tournament, teams can enter with relatively little experience and can compete amongst some of the best in the world, emphasising the sport’s culture of equality and main characteristic of it being a ‘Sport of Equals’.”

Since there are no real fitness level requirements or even prohibitive financial commitments to consider, once players have completed the initial four hour intense training Accreditation Course, priced from £80pp,

Segway Polo is a sport in which anyone can learn very quickly and to competition level too.

Advance booking is required via the website