Shooters in action at Dunchurch

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Four members from Rugby Sport for the Disabled won medals at the Rugby shoot on Sunday.

The National Crossbow Federation’s event was held at the Rugby Bowmen’s picturesque ground in Dunchurch where Iris Bingham is a member.

The weather was awful with strong, sudden winds and it was also cold with the occasional spots of rain.

Mike Sheasby, Malcolm Scott and Graeme Mooney shot the short round (although no longer novices) which consisted of 30 shots each at 30m and 20m.

Mike said: “It’s so good to have the opportunity to shoot and it is an experience to shoot with such strong winds.”

Their bows will be modified so they can shoot longer distances.

Owing to the bad weather recently, all other outdoor shoots have been cancelled and training has been hindered.

Iris struggled with the 65m but was delighted with her result.

All RSDA members shot as assisted.

Sporting crossbows results were out of 600 and 900 for Tournament bows:

Novice Sporting Crossbow: 1st Malcolm Scott 30m – 295, 20m – 299, total 594; 2nd Mike Sheasby 30m – 281, 20m – 288, total 569; 3rd Graeme Mooney 30m – 270, 20m – 282, total 552.

Tournament Crossbow: 1st Iris Bingham 65m – 256, 55m – 277, 45m – 293, Total 826

Other gold medal winners were: Gents Tournament: Graham Course 714; Senior Tournament: Graeme Peatfield 588; Gents Sporting: Chris Aston 521.