Silverware for Lee and Scott

Lee Kemp and Scott Price
Lee Kemp and Scott Price

Bretford Bulldogs Cycle Speedway Club are celebrating success in the British Youth and Junior League.

Bretford, being a small club, have done extremely well, with a win in the under 14s and runner-up in the under 8s.

Going into the final round of the National Grand Prix Series in Norwich four of their riders had a chance of a podium finish.

Scott Price, after eight rounds, four regional and four national, came second overall. Scott raced well throughout reaching the A final in every round, only beaten by an outstanding 100% rider from Suffolk.

Ronnie Wassall, who only five got through to the national, rode really well for his age. He will be one to watch in the future.

In the under 10s category Bretford had a fourth overall with Jimmy Wassall, who is new to cycle speedway and only started this year. Jack Bayliss and Charlie Bracken qualified to the nationals and are gaining in experience every time they race.

In the Under 12s category Bretford had a fifth place with Niall Cleaver. He had a real tough championship but did extremely well. His cousin Dan Price, who has another year in this age category, will have learnt from the racing this year.

Bretford had an overall winner In the Under 14s thanks to Lee Kemp. Lee established an early lead and dealt with some tricky conditions to hold on to 1st place.

He rode excellently throughout the eight rounds and it was great to see him stand on the top of the podium.

Matt Hambidge and Mason Philips qualified and rode well in the National Rounds. Matt held his own this year and has really improved, while Mason has learnt from this experience.

n Bretford have a big meeting on Saturday called the Bretford Junior Individual, which will allow all the younger children to race in a meeting with Coventry youngsters. Bretford have their very first girl competitor, who will race on this day, called Bailie Philips. She is a tough cookie! This starts on Saturday at 1pm.

The bigger, hard racing starts with the Under 16s Coventry Junior Individual. Bretford have eight top riders racing in this meeting as well as the top eight from the Coventry Cycle Speedway Club team.

Bretford will have Lee Kemp, current Under 14s champion, spearheading this individual with Coventry’s James Kirrane being the threat to win this meeting. It starts at 3pm, spectators are welcome to have a look at this sport at the Bretford playing field, Brandon Road, Bretford.