SPEEDWAY by Alan Goodman

Bees win at King’s Lynn

King’s Lynn 44, Bees 48.

Elite League.

Both sides used rider replacement, Bees for Kennett and Lynn for Olly Allen. This in the end favoured Bees as all of their riders could take an extra ride while the home side had to use their reserves in a couple of races. The Stars were also without Filip Sitera who had a commitment in his home country and called up Simon Lambert.

The Bjerre brothers made the start in heat one but a mistake by Lasse let in Emil Sayfutdinov on the second lap. Kenni Larsen was struggling for pace and was left well adrift.

In a restarted heat two the Bees pair of Nick Morris and Josh Auty showed up the limitations of the home pair by racing to an easy 5-1 to give Bees an early lead.

Przemyslaw Pawlicki used the faster outside line to take the lead to heat three coming out of turn two. With Ryan Fisher struggling at the back the heat points were shared.

The King’s Lynn pair both gated in heat four but although Niels-Kristian Iversen went on to win, both Larsen and Morris had overhauled Tomas Topinka by the end of the second lap.

Sayfutdinov and Larsen took a 4-2 in heat five before a dramatic heat six saw the home side draw level. Fisher had earned something of a reputation at Saddlebow Road in his Premier League days and once again he was the villain of the piece. On the third turn of lap one he latched on to a mistake by Kenneth Bjerre and went underneath to take the lead. Unfortunately he overcooked it and fell, bringing down Bjerre, who was not overly pleased. Fisher was rightly excluded and in the rerun the brothers easily took maximum points.

This appeared to make Fisher even more determined for he came out immediately and combined with Pawlicki to restore Bees four-point advantage over Iversen.

Bees looked to be on to a 4-2 in the next but Morris fell at the end of lap three. He remounted but decided to shut off coming out of the second bend and took another embarrassing fall on the back straight, fortunately without injury.

Sayfutdinov won heat nine with Auty taking third after a battle with Lambert.

Fisher was again the villain of the piece in heat ten. While Kenneth Bjerre and Pawlicki raced away, Fisher was involved in a battle with Lasse Bjerre which at times bordered on the dangerous. Fisher got the verdict but once again the brothers were not impressed and a few angry exchanges took place on the back straight before the riders returned to the pits.

Larsen had put his first race behind him and was now well in contention and led from the start of heat eleven. Sayfutdinov soon worked his way into second and the pair combined to hold out Iversen for a well-earned maximum.

Korneliussen was given a rider-replacement ride plus a tactical double in heat twelve. Fisher made the start and held off a first bend challenge by Topinka. Topinka then held up Korneliussen long enough to prevent him from catching Fisher. Auty then rubbed salt in the wound by relegating Topinka to last at the end of lap three. This meant that no advantage had been gained, the heat points were shared 4-4.

Heat thirteen was rerun after Bees had made a clean break. In the rerun Bees again led from the tapes but a mistake by Pawlicki on the first turn put him out of the running. Iversen got by Sayfutdinov to give the home side a 4-2 and an outside chance of snatching a draw. Bees made sure of the match in heat fourteen. Morris led, hotly pursued by Korneliussen. Korneliussen went underneath Morris at the end of lap three. The pair touched and Morris lost his chain in the process. Pawlicki however seized the chance to take the lead and the three points needed to give Bees victory.

Bees needed a share of the points in heat fifteen to take the extra bonus point. At one stage they looked like getting it after they led from the start. Unfortunately Sayfutdinov pulled out with machine failure and despite a good effort Larsen could not stop the might of Kenneth Bjerre and Iversen from coming through to take maximum points.

This was a good team effort with everyone playing their part. The Bees reserves well outscored their counterparts and with a little luck Morris could well have improved on his eventual four-point haul. This win puts Bees well and truly back in the hunt for a top four place.

Bees’ scorers: Sayfutdinov 12(1), Pawlicki 11, Larsen 10, Fisher 6(2), Auty 5(1), Morris 4(1).