SPEEDWAY: By Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

The AGM of the BSPA took place last weekend and the news is that the Elite League will remain very much as before.

The same ten teams will take part, despite rumours during the latter part of the season that at least a couple would be dropping down to the lower Premier League. Leicester made an application to move up but that has been put on hold until next year.

The Premier League will again come to the tapes with the same number of teams after late season problems for a couple of teams have been dispelled. One slight doubt is over Plymouth who have some issues to be sorted out before a management takeover can take place.

One change is that the Elite League Knock Out Cup, which was so badly affected by the dismal summer weather, will not be contested in 2013.

The combined team averages will remain at the same level of 42.50. The doubling–up rider system has been slightly amended. Teams can now name three riders to double up. There will only one rider named for each position with Premier League guests being utilised if a rider is required by his Premier club.

With Aaron Summers, Adam Roynon and Michal Szczepaniak already pencilled in, the Bees management can now make moves to fill the top four spots. With Rory Schlein reverting to being a Coventry asset, the competition for the top spots will get interesting with none of the this year’s trio of Chris Harris, Scott Nicholls and Edward Kennett sure to be wearing the black and gold next year.

It does however seem pretty certain that last week’s news of the Brandon Stadium sale will not affect the Speedway operation in the immediate future. There are other outside issues which could prevent the sale for quite a while yet so Bees fans can look forward to next season quite confidently.

Alan Goodman.