SPEEDWAY: By Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

Exciting new fixture added to list for Sunday

Coventry Speedway has added an exciting new fixture to the list before the season ends.

They will now face Leicester over two legs for the long awaited revival of The East Midlands Bowl.

It all happens this Sunday (October 13th). The first leg will be at Brandon, starting at midday with the return at Leicester’s Jordan Road Surfacing Stadium at 6pm. in the evening.

Bees will be tracking as many of their first team squad as possible with the side being completed by Coventry rider assets.

Premier League Leicester will be strengthening up with the name in the frame at the moment as Krzysztof Kasprzak, recently released by Bees after some inconsistent performances.

The meeting will also include the second leg of the MDL K.O.Cup Final between Coventry Mercia Vikings and Stoke.

Admission will be £15 adults, £13 concessions and £5 for children 11-16. Season tickets will be valid for this meeting and also for next week’s Brandonapolis.

The Dudley pairing of Paul Starke and Dan Greenwood were the winners of The Supporter’s Pairs Trophy at Brandon last Friday.

They showed what this type of competition is all about by not recording a last place between them all evening. With the scoring 4-3-2-0, they outscored the opposition in every heat they raced in.

Second place went to Luke Priest and Shane Walder with Tom Perry and Luke Chessel taking the other podium spot.

The meeting was marred by a horrific crash involving Martin Knuckey. He was about to pass Daniel Halsey on the third turn when Halsey got into trouble leaving him nowhere to go. He went into the air fence at full speed with his bike actually clearing the fence and landing on the surrounding Greyhound circuit. After a long delay he was taken from the track by ambulance. Fortunately his injuries turned out to be just bruising. He was kept in hospital overnight but released on Saturday and has stated his intention to ride again this weekend. This crash really showed the worth of the soon to be compulsory on all tracks, air fences. His partner Joe Jacobs went through the meeting unbeaten but with only the support of the meeting reserves, could only finish fourth overall.

Credit must go to referee Reeve and the riders for moving things along after the long delay to ensure a reasonable finishing time.

On a wider front Tai Woffinden of Wolverhampton became the first English rider to become World Champion since Mark Loram in 2000. Despite riding with a shoulder injury, Woffinden took just two races in the final round at Poland to clinch the championship.

Remaining fixtures; Sunday October 13th, Leicester EMB – 12 noon.

Friday October 18th, Brandonapolis – 7.30 p.m.

Alan Goodman