SPEEDWAY: By Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

News for Coventry Bees and Storm

Speedway promoters met for their AGM at Kenilworth last weekend and although no earth shattering decisions were made there were some small changes which will benefit the sport in general.

With Birmingham not returning and Eastbourne dropping down a couple of leagues the 2015 Elite League will consist of eight teams and will have a more manageable 28 match programme.

The fixture list is to be compiled to leave free time for riders competing in the Grand Prix series, thus eliminating the need for guest replacements, and also should make it more hospitable for top riders to compete in the league.

Other changes see the points limit for the top five riders raised from 42 points to 44.

There will only be one tactical ride permitted, this when a team is ten or more points down.

The league points system will be changed to give three points for a home win instead of teams needing to win by six or more to get the extra point.

The race formula will be altered slightly to address the issue of the visiting number four not coming out until heat five.

The fast track reserve system will be retained but with a slight increase in quality with more riders invited to join the scheme.

The end-of season play-offs will be retained but with one alteration which will please many fans. No riders competing in the play-offs will be allowed to guest for another play-off team. Instead a seven day transfer window will be in place to allow teams to replace injured riders with riders from outside the league.

Another good move is to bring back the yellow and black helmet colour as the plain yellow one was often hard to distinguish from the white.

The National League will be holding their own AGM in the coming weeks so any news on Coventry Storm will be available then.